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Dog-Gone-Good Shooting Bags

Don and Arline Scott of Gladstone, Oregon make one of the best shooting bag rests on the market. I have used one of their medium sized bags for a couple of years and I will never go back to the old tripod rest. The bags are made with premium quality leather and Cordura nylon and are guaranteed for life. The design of the bench bag is rock steady and grips the rifle forend like a soft vice for stability and accuracy. They are heavy enough for steady support, yet light enough for easy transport and setup. Your expensive custom rifle stock is cradled in a suede glove, with no metal or screws that could scratch or mar the finish of your prize gun.

Use it anywhere--at the range, from the deer stand, or even on the hood of your new truck. The H-shaped construction clamps onto the forend of your rifle when you press it down into the top of the bag and hangs on to help absorb recoil of hard kicking rifles. They come in several colors (black, brown. green, or cammo colors) to look good at the range or blend in when afield, and are available in three different sizes. There is also a series of support bags to steady the butt of the rifle.  You can see the complete line of "dog-gone-good" bags at .

Don fills these bags with a material that is heavy enough for steady support, yet light enough for easy transport and setup. They also have a shoulder carry strap to help too. I highly recommend the "dog-gone-good" shooting bag for the range or hunting. They can't be beat for varmint hunting used with Varmint Master's BRpivot bench, or when shooting form the hood of a truck.  

Like Don says, this shooting rest is "steady as a rock and as gentle as your mother's hands."




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