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Free Targets from the Internet

The ODHA loves to shoot paper and is always looking for targets. We have found a variety of great targets from many web sites and have provided you a list of those below. Pistol targets, rifle targets, bench rest targets, air rifle targets, and good old plinking targets are available.  To those generous people who have made free targets available to us, we are very grateful and want to thank you for making our trips to the range more exciting.  Please vist the sites below for some outstanding targets and don't forget to say thanks to the ones who make them. It may look easy, but it is not. Have a great shooting day!


ODHA Target Downloads









Catherine Bell

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PDF Format
Game Call Targets
Nosler Varmint Target
Midway Rifle Target
Target Printer
Kaboom Targets
Warhammer Targets
My Targets
Lucky Gunner
Riverland Targets












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