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Shooting & Hunting with Tactical Rifles and Scopes

Tactical Shooting brings two things to mind...Military Snipers and SWAT Teams. The ODHA has always focused on hunting and sporting firearms, but technology is melding tactical shooting and sport shooting together. More and more sportsmen are in search of the most accurate rifle they can find for hunting and competition, plus the most useful accessories they can find for  the field.  Technology is a wonderful thing, and just as racing has brought safer and  more reliable cars and trucks to the sportsman, so has the police and military requirements brought better guns and equipment to the civilian sportsman.

The advancement in tactical rifles, scopes, pistols, ammunition, and accessories has come a long way in the past few years, and especially since 9-11.  The ODHA will be testing, to a limited extent, some of these new rifles, scopes and accessories, and providing you links to more information. Some of the new equipment can be adapted to hunting and sporting use, but just the increase in our knowledge base is a successful hunt in itself.   Hang on.  Here we go!

Tactical Shooters use all types of firearms including pistols, rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns.  We will focus primarily on the tactical rifle and the accessories that are used with it, like scopes, mounts, sights, and how we can apply some of the tactical equipment to improve our hunting and target shooting.  Tactical rifles and varmint rifles have a lot in common like heavy barrels, bipods, high powered scopes, and cam stocks.  The three most common calibers used for tactical rifles, .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, and .300 Winchester Magnum are three of the most common calibers of today's hunting rifles.  The most common scope on tactical rifles..Leupold, is already ODHA approved.

Tactical Rifle on top, Varmint Rifle on bottom.  Sure look a lot alike. 

Tactical Rifles are usually Remington M700's or AR15's, and come with many accuracy enhancements. Some tactical rifles have some pretty exotic modifications and accessories.  Of course, a tactical shooter can be faced with any situation and they must be prepared for any problems that arise. They must be able to put metal on target in any weather, day or night, in the presents of friendlies or hostages. They must have total confidence in their equipment and that equipment must meet the rugged demands of combat. A problem with the equipment can mean life or death, not second place in a friendly match on Sunday afternoon.

To get started, lets look at the basic rifles, the AR15  and Remington 700 Police models.  Afterward we will look at scopes and other accessories associated with tactical rifles that would be beneficial to the hunter and sport shooter.  The ODHA reviewed a Colt AR15 earlier and that rifle has proven to be very accurate and reliable. You can read the report by clicking on the link here or  below. To see some photos of several versions of standard and custom AR15's click here or on link below.

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