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SIG P228 Vs. Beretta 92F

The SIG P228 and Beretta 92FS have been around a long time.  I have owned a SIG P228 9mm for a long time and have been very pleased with my P228, but wondered if it was time to try something different, like the Beretta 92.  I was able to borrow a Beretta 92 and decided it was time for a little shootout at the range.

It's June so I had to get to the range early before the heat climbed too high. I got to the range about 8:00 AM and it happens that the sun was coming into the pistol range from my right front so it made aiming a challenge. I set up a makeshift shade to my right to help block some of the glare and started my impromptu shooting test. The ammo was Winchester 9mm, 115 grain FMJ target loads. The Winchester ammo shoots very well, much better than Remington FMJ I have tried in the past.

To start, I shot 5 shot groups at 15 yards and both guns shot pretty well. After shooting a few groups to get warmed up, I put out a couple of new targets and shot 5 shots from each gun from bench to see how well they would group, and that is when I really started to notice the differences in the guns. The SIG had a much better trigger than the Beretta in single action mode, and the sights were different configurations. The the SIG sight blades are thicker with a white dot over a white bar to help line up the sights.  The Beretta had the 3 dot sights and narrower front blade. Even with the heavier trigger, I was able to shoot slightly tighter groups at 15 yards with the Beretta, but when I moved the target out to 25 yards, the SIG shot tighter groups than the Beretta. The difference was probably my preference for the SIG sights and the angle of the sun.  You may have different results.

SIG 228 Vs. Beretta 92F

The photo is shows the 15 yard target where I was able to shoot groups of about 2" with both pistols.

I then went down to the 10 yard line where I shot metal plates rapid fire and was able to do better with the SIG. That's not surprising since I have a lot of practice with the SIG and only a little with the Beretta.  I do like the slide release better on the Beretta. I will be looking for a new slide release for the SIG that feels more like the M92 slide release. I have seen one SIG slide release that was bent slightly upward and I think that will do the trick.

UPDATE: I could find no company that makes a replacement SIG slide release, so I modified the slide release by bending it up slightly so it is easier to reach and operate with my shooting hand. I like it a lot better.  This piece is heat treated so it needs to be heated before you bend it or it can break.

Bottom line is that I like the SIG P228 best.  I am picky about triggers, and the SIG is perfect for me just as it came from the factory.  It shoots well and points well for me, but you may prefer the Beretta 92. You can not go wrong with either.  Price for the SIG is higher.  I checked the latest versions at Academy Sports and found the Beretta 92FS to be $549 and the SIG P229/P226 to be $817.  SIG now produces the P229 in New Hampshire in 9MM, 357SIG or 40S&W calibers with no P228 available. Previously the two model numbers were P228 for 9MM and P229 for 357SIG and 40S&W. See 229 specs below.

Next test will be the SIG P228 with new LaserLyte rear site laser.

Good Shooting!



UPDATE: Installed a LaserLyte RSL Rear Site Laser sight on the SIG P228

Beretta Specifications

Beretta 92 specifications


SIG 229 - Specifications

CA Compliant



$976, - $1050 w/ Night Sights


Accessory rail

Accessory Rail


Slide Finish


Frame Finish

Black Hard Anodized


Black Polymer Factory Grips


Contrast, SIGLITE® Night Sights available

Mag Capacity

13 Rounds (9mm), 12 Rounds (.40S&W, .357SIG)

Weight w/Mag

32.0 oz

Sight Radius

5.7 in

Barrel Length

3.9 in

Overall Width

1.5 in

Overall Height

5.4 in

Overall Length

7.1 in

Trigger Pull SA

4.4 lbs

Trigger Pull DA

10.0 lbs

Action Type



9mm or .40S&W, .357SIG

Item Number

SIG P229


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