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Links to Trigger Adjustments Procedures for Rifles

Most rifles come from the factory with very good triggers, many fully adjustable.  The Remington 700, Winchester M70, Kimber, Knight, and Anschutz, and mamy other rifles have triggers that can be adjusted for not only weight of pull, but also reduce that anoying creep or slack in the trigger pull.  I don't mind the heavier trigger pull, as long as it breaks clean without a lot of creep. I am no gunsmith, but even though all the gun manufacturers say only a qualified gunsmith should adjust a trigger, many shooters would like to know how it is done. I will tell you same thing.  Have a qualified gunsmith adjust your trigger.  Now that I have insulted you, by declaring you to stupid to do the job, here are some links to articles that tell you how it is done. If you have more links to trigger adjustment how-to artiles, please email me the link so I may add it to the list.

Winchester M70
Remington M700 Trigger Adjustments by Quarterbore
Jewell Custom Trigger Adjustments
RWS 54
Savage Accu-Trigger Trigger Adjustmentr
Savage 110 Trigger Adjustment
Savage 110 Trigger Adjustment by Sniper Country
Ruger M77 Trigger Adjustment
Kimber 82 Trigger adjustment screws
Huber Concepts Anti-Friction Ball Triggers for Military Surplus Rifles



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