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Remington Model 700 ADL Synthetic Youth rifle


Remington's Model 700 ADL Synthetic Youth rifle is a  shortened version of the standard 700 ADL.  Both the stock and the barrel have been shortened to provide young hunters and smaller stature adults with their own version of our legendary Model 700 action. It is available in four calibers, 243, 270, 308, and 3006.  The Model 700 ADL Synthetic Youth rifle features a durable black synthetic stock with a 12 3/8-inch length of pull (one inch shorter than standard Model 700 rifles), cheepiece, and 4-round blind box magazine and weighs 6 3/4 pounds. The 20" carbon steel barrel equipped with iron sights, machined steel receiver, and bolt are dressed in a matte blue finish. Iron sights and sling swivel studs come standard. The finish is not attractive but it is good for concealment while hunting. I prefer the finish of the Model 7 that is not shinny, but looks much better. A future part of this project will be to get a custom stock paint job by Charley Santoni of Woodland, CA. Stay toned for that update.

I picked the .243 caliber for a couple of reasons, one it was a rifle and caliber both my wife and I could use for deer and varmints, and I had let Mr. President swipe the only .243 rifle I had in my gun vault.  The rifle is short, compact, light weight and fits Ms. Linda's short stature, but adding a Pachmayr slip-on recoil pad makes it just right for my length of pull.   I need to plug Wal-Mart for good service here too.  I went into the local Wal-Mart to see if by chance they had a Youth Model left over from deer season.  They did not have one in stock, but were happy to put in an on the spot special order for me.  The rifle was at the store waiting for me in four days, and the price was only $385.

the Range

I  removed the iron sights and mounted a Leupold VXII 3x9x40 scope using Leupold's two piece mounts and rings, adjusted the trigger to 2.5 creepless pounds, and gave the barrel a good cleaning.  I had a couple of handloads and a box of Winchester Power Point factory ammo to test at the range. Loads and chronographed velocities are presented in the table below.

This rifle shot really well right out of the box.  I shot several groups with the loads listed below that I had on hand, and the factory Winchester ammo. All of them were very good, running from 1" to 1 1/2" for 5 shot groups at 100 yards. There were usually at least 3 shots touching in each group, and the groups were nice round clusters.  I was very happy with the velocity from the 20" barrel. I think there is room for improvement using powders with a little faster burning rate than IMR4831.  IMR4350 or Winchester 760, especially with the 95gn bullets, should boost the performance in the 20" barrel.

Update; Loaded a few rounds with Nosler's 95 grain Ballistic Tip and AA3100 powder and got excellent results. The velocity from the 20" barrel was 2900+ fps and very accurate. 

243 Winchester                             Velocities taken from Remington 700 w/20" Barrell

















 Rem 700/20"



Nos BTip






 Rem 700/20"

Most Accurate


Nos BTip




CCI 250


  Rem 700/20"



Horn Sp






 Rem 700/20"




Click here for .243 Winchester data using 22" barrel

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