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Merkel Model 140-1

Want something a little different? How about a Merkel Double Rifle in 9.3x74R?  The Model 140-1 is one of several double rifles available from Merkel. This rifle comes with a color case hardened receiver, and the same Greener cross bolt with double under barrel locking lugs that are found on Merkel's legendary shotguns. All the double rifles are also equipped with iron sights, sling swivels, and double triggers. See below for the available calibers.

I was fortunate to catch Charlie Foell at the local rifle range in the hot July sun trying out his new double in 9.3x74R.  I had to have pictures of this episode. That baby spits out RWS 247 grain bullets from cigar size cases at about 2400 fps.  That's a serious thump on both ends, with recoil similar to a light 12ga shooting a 3" magnum duck load.

The rifle is a beautiful work of art and points like a dream.  When you see it for the first time, it will make you forget what you are doing and draw you like a magnet.  You just want to be friends with it.  It is accurate, compact, functional and quick into action.   We were keeping the bullets in an inch or so at 25 yards and on the paper at 100. The double triggers were crisp and the ejectors strong.  If the 9.3x74R is a little too big for your needs, it can be had in 11 smaller calibers, from 22 Hornet to 8MM. 

You have to shoot one of these!



Standard Calibers
22 Hornet
222 Remington
5.6 x 52R
243 Winchester
6.5 x 55
6.5 x 57R
7 x 57R
7 x 65R
308 Winchester
30-06 Springfield
8 x 57 IRS
9.3 x 74R


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