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LimbSaver™ Precision-Fit Recoil Pad


The LimbSaver™ Precision-Fit Recoil Pad is a custom fit recoil reduction pad for rifles and shotguns that is easily installed after removal of the existing stock pad.

My wife's Remington Model 7 Youth model in .260 Remington is light weight, and with bullets in the 120 to 140 range, it kicks quite a bit.  Being a new hunter, I wanted her rifle to be as easy to shoot as possible, so when I heard about the new Limbsaver recoil pad, I had to check it out. Limbsaver makes several pre-fit models for popular rifles so that a lot of fitting is not necessary. The pad I used for the Remington Model 7 is the #10112 that also fits some Remington M700 stocks. The pad went on easily, using the existing top screw hole, but requiring the re-drilling of the bottom screw hole. A five minute job from start to finish.  The pad fits very well all around.  The pad lengthened the stock by 1/2" which actually helped to better fit the youth stock to my wife's length of pull.

You may need to cut an inch off your stock to keep it the same length of pull unless your gun already has a one inch think recoil pad. Adding the Limbsaver pad is a great way to add length to young hunters' stocks as they grow also.

Did it help felt recoil? ABSOLUTELY!. The pad has a three stage recoil absorbing structure using the NAVCOM material on the inside and an "accordion spring" rubber shell. It is designed to displace shock on a broadband spectrum (0 to 2500 Hz) ensuring maximum shock relief from recoil and greater protection for the shooter. Now that quick slap the little rifle had has gone away to a much more comfortable feel.  Visit for more info.

These recoil pads list for about $35.00 but I found them at the Cheaper Than Dirt for under $22 under shooting accessories in the hunting section. Click below to visit the Cheaper Than Dirt.  Click on recoil pads and the Sims Vibration.

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