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LaserLyte RSL Laser Sight for SIG P228

New LaserLyte RSL Laser Sight Perfect Match for SIG P228

LaserLyte RSL Laser Sight For SIG P228

The first laser sight I installed on a pistol was about 10 years ago and it lasted about 10 shots. Since that time, laser sights have come a long way and this new LaserLyte RSL is just what I have been looking for to upgrade my SIG P228 9mm.  It is easy to install, easy to adjust, not too expensive and the point of impact did not move one bit in 100+ rounds of 9mm.

The new laser design is incorporated into the rear sight. The LaserLyte RSL is very compact and offers a laser sight that will let my pistol still fit in my holster. The RSL replaces the rear sjight and gives you a very nice white outline rear sight plus the laser sight in a small compact package.

The activation switch is a button at the rear of the sight that is easily activated by the thumb in a normal shooting position for left- or right-handed shooters. Push the activation switch once for constant on mode, press it twice for pulse mode, and the third press deactivates the laser. A small LED on the back of the laser indicates if the laser is on and what mode it is in.

The RSL that fits SIG pistols is the XD which also fits the  Springfield Amory XD/XDM pistols. The laser is constructed of high carbon steel with a black oxide, bead blasted, non-reflective finish. Powered by four 377 batteries that provide one hour of run time on constant on and two hours in pulse mode.   I almost had a cow the first time I bought an extra set of batteries at $3.27 each, but then I got smart and ordered them from the internet for less than $.50 each.

The RSL was easy to install. Just tap out the rear sight, tap in the new RSL in place with the brass punch supplied with the sight, and when you get it centered, use the supplied Allen wrench to tighten down the Allen screw in the center of the sight to keep it from shifting.  It only took about 10 minutes, total. The sight comes with batteries installed and ready to go. Just push the button on the back of the RSL and your in business.

I check out the RSL in the garage just to see how bright it was. You can see in the photo that even with the afternoon sun coming in behind me, the laser was quite bright (see the red dot on the deer). Outside, the laser dot was visible in shady areas, but in bright sunshine, the dot disappeared. The white outlined iron sight worked well.  Easy to see and I was not at all bothered by the laser portion of the sight when using the iron sights.

I went to the range late in the afternoon when the shadows of the trees covered the range. I moved the laser's windage and elevation a few inches at 15 yards to get it zeroed, then was really surprised at how well I could shoot using the laser off a rest. 5 shot, 20 yard groups were down to about an inch to inch and a half.  That is about half the size of groups I usually shoot with iron sights. Knocking plates down at ten yards was quick and easy.  After putting 100 rounds through the SIG, the RSL was still dead on where it was zeroed. To say the least, I am very happy so far with the new LaserLyte RSL and really appreciate how well the SIG P228 shoots now that I can better aim the pistol.  I think LaserLyte has come up with a very good sight and an outstanding design. 

The LaserLyte retails for $199. I got on off Ebay for $119.

I now look forward to a little indoor range time at silhouette targets and rapid fire!!  More to come.


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