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Kimber of America 22 Hunter Silhouette


After testing the Kimber 82 and having such great results, I had to try out one of the new Kimber America (Yonkers, New York) rifles. Look at the Kimber web site for all the models and specs and I will tell you what I found on my test that they won't tell you.  My rifle was a Kimber 22 Hunter Silhouette in 22 LR.

First off, I had planned to get a Sporter model, but it was so ugly with the matte finish and plain walnut, I decided to get the HS instead.  An $850 rifle should look good and exciting, but the Sporter looked unfinished. I liked the looks of the HS and it was only $750.  The comb is so high it is very difficult to clean or shoot off the bench.  It works great shooting off hand and I surprised myself with how well I did off hand. Guess I will have to get the comb shaved down a half inch or so.

Let's look at the good things.

Great adjustable trigger, clean breaking at about 2 pounds.
Great Winchester M70 style 2-position safety
Pillar bedded stock w/floating barrel  (about time!!)l
Controlled feed Mauser type bolt works well
Comes with Leupold bases
Shoots great! Look at these 50-yd groups

This rifle is not too hard to please with ammo. It shoots all ammo well and Match ammo like a house on fire.  I am cheap so I always hope for a miracle of one-hole groups with cheap ammo. It shoots CCI MiniMags and Federal bulk ammo into .6 inch groups usually with 4 shots touching and one flyer. 

I prefer the Kimber M82 if you can find one, but the new Kimber 22 is hard to beat!!.

Have a great day and drop me an E-mail.







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