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Glock .22LR Conversion Kit by Advantage Arms

Glock 22 Conversion Kit By Advantage Arms

The Advantage Arms .22LR Conversion Kit for the Glock Gen 4 is hard to find but well worth the wait. I looked high and low for a Glock Gen 4 kit for my Glock 34 and found it right under my nose at The Georgia Gun Store in Gainesville, GA.

I have always been a 22LR fan and recently discovered how much fun it can be to have 22LR conversion kits for my centerfire pistols.  I have a Kimber 22LR kit for my 1911's, a Sig Sauer Kit for my Sig P226 and now an Advantage Arms kit for my Glock 34 Gen 4.

All three of the kits are high quality and very reliable. I have put hundreds of rounds through them with no problems at all when using high velocity ammo.  Stick with HV loads, not necessarily the most expensive, and they run great.

.22LR Conversion Kit By Advantage Arms

The Advantage Arms Kit for my Glock 9mm was ready to go right from the nicely fitted case.  Fit and finish are excellent. The slide is aluminum with a matte black finish. All steel parts are heat treated with a Black Oxide Finish. The barrel is made from heat treated 416 Stainless Steel. It comes with one 10 round magazine, cleaning kit and a loading tool, but I really didn't need it as the magazine is easy to load. Factory warranty is one year.

Advantage Arms recommends CCI or Remington Golden Bullets and since the Remington ammo is much cheaper than the CCI, I started with the Gold from Big Green. Fired about 50 rounds of Remington Golden with no malfunctions. Fired 10 rounds at 10 yards to check accuracy and I could cover them all with a quarter. Pretty impressive right out of the box with my old tired eyes. Ran a few more Winchesters and CCI's through it with no problems at all. I even ran a couple of mags of 10 year old ($1.71) Federal SpitFire hyperloads through it and it just ate them like candy.

One thing you should know if you want one of these for your Glock is that there are several versions of the kit for different Glock generations and calibers.  Advantage Arms has a chart on there website to make it easy to find the correct kit for your particular gun. There are also different kits for Gen 4 Glocks and Gen 1-3 Glocks, and they are not interchangeable. The new Gen 4 kits have the model and Gen 4 printed on the side of the slide. Advantage Arms also makes 22LR kits for 1911 style pistols.

The Advantage Arms Kit comes with Glock adjustable sights, but mine was dead on and I have not moved the sites even one click. Different ammo may print a little differently and for target shooting the adjustment may come in handy.  I primarily wanted mine for IDPA practice, so all I need is minute-of-head accuracy at 20 yards.  It also comes with a polished barrel that I like. I may polish my 9mm barrel to match.

The great thing about these 22LR kits is that all the controls and functions are exactly like the Glock centerfire because the frame and all the controls remain the same. The slide locks back after the last shot just like the centerfire, the mag feels the same and it even has a little recoil to give you practice for pennies.  



Get specs, more info, and find a dealer who sells the kit at

You do not have to have an FFL to order direct from a dealer, but Advantage Arms does not sell individuals.  I really like thing!!

Good shooting to your all.


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