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Rifle Basix Adjustable Rifle Triggers

Rifle Basix Triggers have been around since 1990, but I have just installed my first one in my Savage M93 .17 HRM that I reported on earlier this year. The M93's factory trigger must have weighed 20 pounds. I did some home gunsmithing on it to get it better, but when I found out about the Rifle Basix trigger (drop in & fully adjustable trigger),I put one on my Christmas wish list. Well, old Santa came through and now the Savage has a new trigger.

All Rifle Basix triggers are guaranteed as long as they are in service! Any Rifle Basix trigger will be repaired or replaced at no charge, providing they have not been modified. All Rifle Basix triggers are designed for the user to install. They are shipped complete with all parts necessary for installation, and with easy to follow instruction sheets.

The installation was easy and took only a few minutes to complete. Just push out three pins, replace the assembly, put the pins back in for initial installation. Then you drop in the trigger weight spring and the sear engagement spring and set screw, adjust according to the instructions and you have a great trigger pull.  It can be set at less than a pound if you want or heavier.  I set mine at 2 pounds. You can also remove all the creep (this is the great part of this replacement piece). So in about 15 minutes using only a screw driver I had a 2 pound trigger pull with no creep that broke like glass. The original safety works with the new trigger and the instructions were clear and precise.

Triggers are available for Remington 700, 7, 40X, 600, 660, Marlin bolt action rimfire's and Savage bolt actions rifles. 

Prices run from $80-$150.  Order online at or some mail order catalogs like Midsouth Shooters Supply.

The cost of the Rifle Basix trigger may seem a bit high for an inexpensive rimfire rifle, but when you have a .17 HRM that shoots sub-MOA groups, the potential of the rifle can only be achieved with a great trigger.  Now, let me at those pesky crows!!


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