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Astra Model 300 Pistol 7.65mm

Astra Model 300 Pistol

Astra Model 300 Pistol - This Astra model 300 was brought home after WWll by the father of one of my friends. He wanted me to check it to see if it shoots.  I have not got to shoot yet but it looks to be in good condition and I am sure it will shoot and hopefully feed from the magazine reliably.  I was interested in the history of the gun and here is what I have found so far.

During the Second World War Germany purchased 85,390 Astra Model 300's (63,000 chambered for the 9 mm Kurz and 22,390 chambered for the 7.65 mm) and from the serial number it appears this pistol was made around 1943.  It is chambered in 7.65 mm normally sold in the US as caliber .32 Automatic Pistol, has a 7-round magazine and shoots a bullet weighing about 70 grains.  Although this round is pretty weak for defense, the Astra 300 was small which made it easy to carry and conceal. This pistol was sometimes carried by German Luftwaffe Pilots.

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Astra Model 300 Pistol 2

Astra Model 300 Pistol 3




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