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Colt AR15 Tactical Rifle

Colt Match Target Rifles are proven heirs of Colt's worldwide reputation for dependable and consistently accurate rifles.




Match Target Competition HBAR II


.223 Rem


Black anodized receiver; Black oxide barrel


Semi Auto, Gas-Operated, Locking Bolt


9 rounds standard

Barrel Length


Rifling Twist

RH, 1 turn in 9"


Grooves  6


Smooth, Heavy

Front Sight

Adjustable Post for Elevation

Rear Sight

Adjustable out to 800 meters

Sight Radius



8.5 lbs. (empty)

Overall Length


Special Features

Flattop receiver allows for low scope mounting.

The Colt AR15 has been one of America's most controversial rifles since its introduction during the Viet Nam War. People either love it or hate it, not too many in the middle. One of the few things I can thank Bill Clinton for was his assault on rifles. I decided to get one before our liberal minded womanizer in the White House ran Colt out of business. After a few trips to the range and hunting, I am truly impressed with the rifle and sorry I waited so long to own one. Rapid fire does not impress me, but accuracy does.

My rifle is a Colt Match Target (flat top) with 16" heavy barrel with 1 in 9 twist. It has a removable handle so that a scope or optical site can be easily mounted. It comes with match rear sights and regular front site. My eyes are not what they used to be so I first opted for a Trijicon ACOG Reflex optical sight. This site is great for general use. You can order it with a mount for either version of the AR15. The site is the "dot" type, not a cross hair and it has no magnification. My sight has a 7 minute of angle orange dot, but can now be purchased with a 3 MOA dot for more precise aiming. A tritium lamp powers the dot in low light conditions, with no batteries required and it has no off/on switch like most dot sights During day light, the dot is power by fiber optics absorbing the surrounding light.

After a couple of trips to the range, I couldn't help but wondering how accurate the rifle was, so I decided to mount a scope on the rifle for some target work. Finding a set of mounts for the flat top AR15 presents a challenge. Where could I get a set of mounts high enough for a correct sight picture? Even with a tall set of mounts, the scope is still too low to easily look through. The answer is a set of see-through mounts (mine are Redfield) that is usually seen on only deer rifles. The extra height brings the scope up to a comfortable height. NOTE: Some people worry about the front sight blocking the view of the scope unless the scope is mounted above the front sight. Actually, this is of no concern. Your mounts for the scope need to bring the scope to the same height as the iron sights, or to a comfortable height for viewing through the scope. The scope will "look around" the front sight even if the front sight extends up to cross hair level of the front lenses. I mounted a Leupold VXIII 3.5x10 for accuracy testing.

On the first trip to the range I was hoping for one MOA groups or 1" at a 100 yards. After a few zero shots to get on target, I tried a load that shot well in my Kimber M84 bolt action. I could not believe what was happening on the next few shots. The AR15 was shooting under one inch for the first five shots!!! This was an off the rack gun, not some custom job. The hard part of shooting the rifle accurately was dealing with the trigger. It broke pretty cleanly, but it must have been 8-10 pounds. Needless to say, I had to work on the trigger. I looked around the Internet and talked to a few people and decided to replace the factory trigger assembly with one made by JP Enterprises. I installed it myself with the excellent instructions provided with the trigger. Took about an hour or so. The JPE trigger is completely adjustable, takes all the creep out and breaks like glass. I set it to fire with about 3 lb. of pull. Now back to the range for the next round of tests. The new trigger now lets me consistently shoot 1/2 MOA groups with handloads. It loves Sierra 53 gn match HP's with 26.5 grains of H335.. On a recent prairie dog hunt, MR. President couldn't believe how the AR15 would reach out there with the heavy barreled varmint rifles in the 250-300 yard range. One great thing that we noticed on the PD hunt is that the recoil is so light, the scope doesn't move off the target. You see the bullet hit the target through the scope.

Another great replacement accessory is the Pachmayr grip. It is thicker from front to back and positions the hand farther to the rear. The result is proper finger placement on the trigger, and improved trigger control.

I know some of you will not believe the groups sizes, and I may not be able to shoot those groups on my next trip to the range, but I now have total confidence in that rifle. I will trust it on the next hunt and I will trust it if I ever have to defend myself with it. It is more accurate than I am, and after shooting approximately 2000 rounds of different types of ammo, both factory and handloads, it has never misfired or jammed. It's a shame that Bill Clinton has robbed future generations of this fine rifle. JOIN THE NRA TODAY!!

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The Black Rifle: M16 Retrospective
By R. Blake Stevens and Edward C.  Ezell
Collector Grade Publications, 1994

The Black Rifle is the definitive resource on the history of the AR-15/M16. The enhanced second printing was created using an enhanced grade of materials, and aside from  the invaluable content, is a work of art. It currently covers up to the M16A2. 


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