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22 Rimfire Rifles


Classic Doubles 201 Shotgun For Sale

CLASSIC DOUBLES Model 201 SxS 12 ga. shotgun for sale, 26" vent ribbed barrels with factory choke tubes , 3" chambers, Bwhite front sight, mid-bead, long forcing cones, chromed bores, selective ejectors. Beavertail forend with ribbon checkering. Lightly engraved blue receiver with raised side panels, selective mechanical trigger, auto safety. Semi-gloss finish, pistol grip with metal grip cap, AA+ figured stock, checkered stock side panels, ribbon checkering points. 14 1/2" pull over original black pad. Mint, original condition with box. $3000. Call 770-725-6786

Kimber 22HS
Kimber M82

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The 22 rimfire
is the most popular rifle in America. Almost every hunter and shooter has at least one 22 caliber rimfire in their collection, and many have several .  Almost every shooter started with a 22 and for good reason. The basic rifles are inexpensive, ammo is inexpensive, they have no recoil, and they are very accurate. Almost every gun company markets one or many variations of 22 caliber rifles - single shot, semi-auto, bolt action, pump and lever actions.

Lets take a look at some of the most popular rimfires and see how they stack up. Maybe we can find a few that we like. What ever we find, we will pass on to you.

We have already tested a couple of great rimfires from Kimber. You can find the results of our tests by clicking on the name of the rifle at right

The Thompson/Center 22 Classic

Thompson/Center has just introduced one of the slickest 22 autoloaders on the market.  It has a nice walnut stock with sling studs, steel receiver, match quality barrel and an excellent trigger. It comes with a 5-round clip magazine, and adjustable fiber optic sites that are removable.

"Super Accuracy"

I mounted a Leupold 3x9AO Compact scope on the TC and they look great together.  The adjustable objective gives clear, in-focus site pictures as close as 25 yards and enough power to see bullet holes at 50 yards.  A 4x12AO would be even better for target work, but the 3x9AO is great for hunting and plinking, and doesn't over shadow the rifle.
Initial groups with Walmart bulk Federal and Remington HV ammo kept most 50 yard groups at 1". Plenty good enough for plinking and Hunting, but I knew the rifle had the potential for 1/2" 50 yard groups with the right ammo. As usual, CCI MiniMags turned in the best performance, with Remington HV coming in second place. Click here for some groups.  Winchester ammo flew all over the paper and Federal Gold Target didn't do great either.  I had read about how well this rifle performed, but I just couldn't believe what the gun writers were saying about it.  Well, my friends, I am here to tell you that it honestly does shoot half inch groups at 50 yards.  It shoots just as well as either of my two Kimber 22 rifles that ran about three times the price of the TC. I will have to mount a stronger scope on the rifle.  It certainly out shoots a 3x9's potential.  I really think this rifle will print 1/4" groups with some regularity with the right ammo and the right person behind the trigger.

Another thing I want to comment on is the reliability and the quality of the magazine. I hate flimsy junk magazines. After several boxes of several types of ammo, this gun has never misfired or failed to feed. The magazine is heavily constructed, and not made of punched tin as most 22 magazines are. You can see and feel the quality and it works flawlessly.  When you are ready to drop the mag, you push the release and it drops out with no digging or tugging.

The trigger is excellent and not too heavy which is a pleasant surprise for an autoloader. It sort of reminds me of my old Belgian Browning BAR 3006 in a smaller version.

This Thompson/Center 22 Classic is without doubt, the finest 22 caliber semi-auto rifle I have ever shot.  If you can have only one 22 rifle, make it a TC 22 Classic. It is that good. Now for the real ringer. TC is bringing out a target version in 2003!!

How much does this accuracy cost?  Between $280-300 new. I bought mine fired but mint in the box for $240 including tax and shipping. I see a Leupold 4x12AO in the TC's future.



More 22 Rimfire Rifles Information.

The Cooper 57M Classic

The Cooper 57M Classic is without doubt the best production rifle you can buy. The workmanship and  finish are impeccable. Cooper actions and stock hardware are machined from solid  bar stock steel. All the barrels are premium match grade and air gauge  inspected. The stocks are hand crafted, and oil finished all by hand.  Once the rifles have been tuned they are final inspected and tested. Each rifle is shot for accuracy in its individual stock, off bags, using a Leupold 36x Benchrest Scope. Prior to shipment, each and every rifle must shoot at least one 1/8" group. A test target is shipped with every  rifle, and Cooper guarantees every 22LR to to shoot " 5-shot  groups at 50 yards using premium grade match ammunition. Click here for rest of the report.


Kimber of America 22HS

The new Kimber 22 rifles are hard to beat. They have several models to choose from including the Hunter sporter, Super America, Hunter Silhouette, and others. I tested the HS (Hunter Silhouette) which was designed for the NRA Rimfire Silhouette competition or hunting. The 24-inch medium sporter barrel is half fluted from  the rear, leaving maximum weight at the muzzle for stability. The stock is a  Monte Carlo design with a high comb in centerline with the bore. Both the trigger guard and bottom metal are machined from aluminum to reduce weight. These new Kimber rifles shoot under 1/2" without target ammo.  Click here to see the ODHA test.  This rifle feels so good. It is not light, but not too heavy to balance well or carry for hunting. The comb is very high and requires high scope rings. It comes with bases and I don't know why Kimber doesn't put the rings in with the deal.  I will probably shave the comb down on my rifle because, although it is perfect for standing offhand shooting,  it is too high for my shooting needs.  It also presents a problem for cleaning rod clearance. 

The one thing I do not like about the new Kimber is the problem cleaning the barrel. First the high comb gets in the way and you end up with a bent cleaning rod and whacked knuckles.  The second is the sharp ejector that digs into the cleaning rod as you pull the cleaning rod back through the barrel.  I has cut and scratched my stainless rod badly. A cleaning bore guide is made for the Kimber 82 by EJS which is sold at Midway ( ), but I don't know if it will fit the Kimber of America rifles.  I now use a piece of flexable plastic tubing that normally comes with a Wagner paint sprayer.



The New England Firearms Handi-Rifle in .17 Hornady Rimfire

The New England Arms Sportster .17 HMR rifle proves accuracy doesn't have to cost a lot. The February morning in Georgia was cold, but clear. Twenty-five mile per hour winds kept me from the range yesterday, but not today.  I wanted to see if the Sportster single shot rifle was worth my time and money so it was off to the rifle range.  The rifle is quite a deal at only $159. It comes with a 22" bull barrel, synthetic stock, rubber recoil pad, scope mount, hammer spur, sling studs, and a heavy but not to bad of a trigger. Click here for rest of the report.


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