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The NEW Hornady 17 Mach 2 Press Release

 Varmints better make their peace before you buy a box.

Are you one of the fencesitters still trying to decide whether to buy a 17 caliber rimfire gun? Well, this should help you make up your mind!

The NEW Hornady 17 Mach 2™ is bringing a whole new element of fun to rimfire shooting the fun of going through box after box of high-performance ammo that's economical to shoot.

You've already heard how the introduction of Hornady's 17 HMR™ opened up a whole new world of fun for shooters, producing 50 and 100 yard groups that would lay under a dime or nickel. Prairie dogs and other small varmints, even bobcats and coyotes, that have been taken with a single shot.

The HM2 provides tack-driving accuracy and a laser-like trajectory that's nearly seven inches flatter at 150 yards than a standard High Velocity 22 Long Rifle cartridge! It also features 2,100 fps velocity, far outperforming a standard High Velocity 22 Long Rifl e's 1,255 fps at the muzzle.

Best of all, you can shoot box after box of the economical HM2 without shooting a hole in your budget. So, grab a box (and another two or three). The 17 HM2™ will give you the opportunity to send more varmints to Kingdom Come than ever before




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