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Fire Protection for Cartridge and Shotshell Loading Safety

Handloading your own ammo and shotshells is a lot of fun and it can save you a lot of money. The most important part of loading your own ammo or storing ammo is safety. When working with propellents or explosive components like black powder for muzzleloading, you need to take a few precautions.  Our friends at Swift Fire Protection can help you with the products you need to have on hand before you start loading ammo.  The correct fire extinguisher, smoke alarms, goggles and other safety and fire protection equipment may save your life or your home from fire.   You can visit their web site at or call Merrill at 706-283-8459.  If you have a question or need a price quote after hours, fill out there convenient "quick quote" for a next day reply.

Swift Fire Protection, Inc. carries only the finest fire protection products and supplies. Choose from their complete line of products including,

Fire Extinguishers
Fire Cabinets, Accessories, Covers, Vehicle Brackets
Fire Hose, Nozzles, Fire Department Connections
Emergency Response Products
Sprinkler Products
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Exit and Emergency Lighting
Signs and Labels
Replacement Bulbs

Amerex Corporation And Badger Fire Extinguishers

Swift Fire Protection, Inc. carries a complete line of extinguishers from two of the best companies in the USA - Amerex Corporation and Badger Fire Protection Company. No matter what your requirement- water, chemical, dry, carbon dioxide, pressure, wheeled, or marine- we can provide you the fire extinguisher you need.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, Brackets, And Cabinet Accessories

A full line of metal, fiberglass, and ABS plastic fire extinguisher cabinets, brackets, and cabinet accessories. Choose from many styles, sizes and colors. Accessories include key boxes, alarms, decals, vehicle and wall brackets, covers, and more.

Fire Hoses, Nozzles, And Fire Department Connections

All types of Hoses, Nozzles, and Connections. Rack and Reel Hoses, up to 750 psi. Lined, single, and double jacket hose; U.L. labeled hose; yellow Hypalon hose; rubber covered hose. Polycarbonate and Industrial Brass Nozzles and connections; Hose Racks and Reels with covers; Spanner wrenches, axes and tools; High Quality fire department connection that meet all U.L. and FM requirements.

Nighthawk And Lifesaver Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke Detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. All are U.L. Listed and fully warranted. Many models are available including Ionization and photoelectric models. We also have models available with emergency lights, and detectors for the hearing impaired. Nighthawk and Lifesaver carbon monoxide detectors feature digital readouts with updates every 2 1/2 minutes. Combination smoke/CO detectors units are also available.

Brooks and Lithonia Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting

Brooks and Lithonia Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting. Units are available in a variety of styles. We can also provide you with Exit Door Lock alarms with high decibel alarm and Braille warning for the visually handicapped.

Exit, Warning, Emergency, Danger, No Smoking Signs and Labels

Warning Signs and Labels for Fire Protection , Exits, Danger, No Smoking, First Aid, Testing, High Voltage and other emergency labeling needs. Signs available in Aluminum, Plastic, and Vinyl self-adhesive. Glow in the dark signs available that are high visible and glow for up to 8 hours after dusk.

Globe bulb and link type Sprinkler Heads

Globe bulb or link type sprinkler heads for new installation or replacements. Finishes are brass or chrome. Sprinkler head cages and cabinets are also available.

Emergency Response Products
Goggles, Helmets, Gloves, Boots, Suspenders, Cool Vests, Gear Bags

Professional emergency response products you demand, including Superpass II Personal Safety Systems, Lite Trackers , goggles, helmets, gloves, boots, suspenders, cool vests, gear bags. Shelby fire fighting gloves, designed with durable, tough pigskin or cowhide, Nomex wristlets and Porelle fluid barrier linings.

Batteries For Emergency Lighting And Fire Alarm Systems
Brooks Power Rite And BAT Series, Eagle-Picher, Yuasa, And Gates

A full line of replacement batteries from Brooks Power Rite and BAT series, Eagle-Picher, Yuasa, and Gates. The new Brooks Power Rite batteries are here! One of the longest life, most powerful batteries you can get for your money. Remember, freight free on package quantities. The Brooks Power-Sonic BAT Series replacement batteries have long been our customers' battery or choice. One of the longest life, most powerful batteries you can get for your money. Eagle-Picher, one of the oldest manufactures of replacement batteries extends our selection of replacement batteries. Gates Stylesealed lead acid batteries are designed to replace Gates monobloc batteries of the same size, voltage, and capacity. These batteries take the same charging voltage which makes them the ideal choice as direct replacements.

Replacement BULBS For
Exit Signs, Emergency Lighting, And Other Applications

Replacement bulb part numbers and descriptions for exit signs, emergency lighting, and other applications. Our newest LED RETROFIT KIT comes complete with (2) red LED lamps, (2) intermediate base adapters and (2) double contact base adapters (use "only" on 120 VAC circuits). Remember, red LEDs need a red lens and green LEDs need a green lens! LED UNIVERSAL "T" LAMP (120 VAC) consumes only one watt of energy per bulb, saving up to $90 per exit sign every year. Patented rotating base allows for quick installation and precise LED alignment. Screws into existing exit sign sockets. Unbreakable polycarbonate housing, is resistant to shock and vibration. Qualifies for any available utility rebates. 25 year warranty. U.L. listed. WATT$AVER INCANDESCENT clear exit sign bulbs (120 VAC) use only five watts of energy. Screws into existing exit sign sockets with no rewiring required. Unbreakable polycarbonate housing resistant to shock and vibration. May qualify for any utility rebates available. Rated for 130,000 hours (15 years), 5 year warranty.

Call Swift Fire Protection at 706-283-8459 or FAX us at 706-283-0757. You may also contact us via e-mail at Use our "Quick-Quote" form for same day price quotes.


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