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Leupold Rifle Scopes

Leupold is one of the few  scopes endorsed by the ODHA. The reason is quite simple. No rifle scope beats Leupold in quality and performance, regardless of price!!

Over the years we have owned, sold, mounted, and tested just about every brand of scope available. None seem to have as many of our required features and qualities as the Leupold's. Those qualities include dependability, ruggedness, good looks, clarity, and the balance of magnification, eye relief, and field of view. Since we exclusively use variable power models, maintaining point of aim at different powers in mandatory, as is minimizing the affects of parallax.

Most all scopes have good qualities and when you peer through them and look across a store or a wide open field they all seem to be pretty clear, but there are many other things to consider. Consider the Leupold warranty. They will repair or replace any defective scope, even if you were not the original purchaser. That means you can pick up a used Leupold from a gun show or buddy with complete confidence. The reason is the quality--they don't have defects!!

I have learned over the years that the scope is just as important, or maybe more important, than rifle. Most all rifles will keep bullets in a two inch circle at 100 yards, but if you can't see what you are aiming at because that old scope has fog inside it, or the zero has changed, even the most accurate rifle will not hit the mark.

I know a Leupold can be expensive, but you can get some good buys, especially on slightly used scopes , about April 15th when income tax is due. You can also get a Leupold 4x for about the price of a cheap Brand X 3x9. You can see better, hit a heck of a lot more deer, and be more socially acceptable with a 4x Leupold, than a Brand X Variable. Old men will marvel at your wisdom and young women will gaze upon you with awe.

Let me give you a hint on how to get a near free scope. It takes a short investment of a little cash, but do a little homework and check this little trick. When you see used guns for sale with a scope, the gun will be worth most of the asking price. Dealers always take good scopes off rifles and sell each of them separately. Look around in newspapers for rifles for sale and find an almost new rifle and scope for sale. If the asking price seems reasonable, ask how much the seller wants for the rifle and he will almost always ask a high price for the gun. After you establish the price for the gun, offer him the difference for the scope. If that does not work, buy the the outfit and sell the rifle. In the off season, you can pick up a like new 3x9 Leupold for half price or less with one of these two methods.

The ODHA never pays retail price for anything we use. The Internet has provided new highways to low prices. The first place to find good deals is right here on the Internet. Check Ebay or Guns America There prices are up to 50% below retail. Another place to look is the news groups. If you are new to the Internet, news groups are narrated discussion groups that post e-mails of a specific subject on the Internet. Two of these news groups of interest to the ODHA are rec.hunting and rec.guns. You can look for items for sale or post a message for an item that you want to buy. Thousands of hunters and shooters will see your request, and I have always had good luck finding scopes for good prices. For online shopping of new scopes and optic when you have to have it right now..



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