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Deer Stands, Tree Stands and Blinds for Deer Hunters

API Deer hunting tree stands and blindsThe ODHA rates API Grand Slam Supreme as the #1 best Deer Hunting Stand on the market.  Quiet, safe, comfortable. Here's the climbing stand that outsells them all, combining the  superior API Power-Gripping Chain technology with truly unbelievable comfort.  The Grand Slam Supreme has a super-quiet, triple-cushion seat that folds  out to make a padded back and headrest. Combined with the padded armrests, this treestand has set a few standard when it comes to comfort. Comes with non-slip safety strips, cinching straps, seat stabilizer strap, adjustable foot straps,  camo-padded backpacking straps, ditty bag and safety harness. Get more facts at

If you are looking for great Fixed Tree Stands or Ladder stands check out the API Buckmaster Baby Grand or the Grand Slam Lite Ladder Supreme in 12' or 15' models.

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The Doghouse Blind

My daughter likes to hunt with me when she is home from college and this year it will be more comfortable and more fun with the Ameristep Doghouse hunting blind.  We always try to hunt together because our hunt is an opportunity to be together, not just to put venison in the freezer.  In the past we usually manage to get a couple of tree stands or ladders on the same tree, but this year will be better since we can sit in the dry Doghouse, out of the wind and possible rain.  That deer that spooked from our scent last year will not smell us this year, thanks to the Ameristep Total Scent Containment system.


The Doghouse provides concealment, scent control, and protection from wind, rain, and snow. You can can set it up just about anywhere and it only weighs 12 lbs.  The Doghouse blind  is constructed from heavy-duty spring steel that pops up in a few minutes. Exterior is woven from water-resistant nylon, while the interior has ShadowGuard coating to eliminate shadows and silhouettes  and human scent. It has four windows for visibility,  featuring see-through, shoot-through camo mesh. The Doghouse's 5'  square floor plan and a height just under 6' readily accommodate two hunters and  their gear. The Doghouse folds into 24" x 2" thick camo backpack for simple transport. 8 stakes and 4 high wind tie-downs  are included.

The Doghouse TSC features a water resistant nylon exterior to protect  hunters from wind, rain, or snow. The interior is lined with black ShadowGuard fabric that totally contains scent and totally conceals any movement within. Hunters can shoulder a gun or draw a bow while remaining completely unnoticed from the outside. Built-in window tie-downs eliminate flap noise during windy  conditions. The Doghouse TSC folds into a 2" x 24" backpack that weighs 12 lbs.,  and comes with 8 stakes and 4 high wind tie-downs. Roomy 5' square by 5'10" high  blind readily accommodates two hunters and gear.

ODHA Field Test

I was a little skeptical at first of using this type of blind for deer, but I am now a believer. So far this season, I have taken two deer from the Doghouse using my Horton crossbow. I set the blind up two days before bow season opened and took a doe at 8:00 AM the first day of season. When I set the Doghouse up, I try to find some natural cover to break up the siloquet and also brush it with cuttings from nearby bushes and trees. Take along a set of pruning shears and the job can be done quickly and easily.  The brushing takes longer than the setup. The blind goes up and down in a couple of minutes and packs easily to any location.  I can carry it much further than my deer stand and not be all sweaty when I get to my hunting location.

The blind has windows on all sides and also has see-through camo mesh over clear plastic to cover the windows. The effect is to let you see out, but the game can not see into the blind. You are supposed to be able to shoot fixed blade (non-mechanical) broadheads through the window covering.  I shoot mechanical broadheads, so I open the window and cover the bottom 3/4 of the widow with the plastic covered camo mesh, leaving a small opening at the top to shoot through. It has worked fine so far. The deer don't seem to be bothered by the blind at all and walk all around it.

One of the best things I like about the Doghouse is having a dry place to hunt from in rainy weather.  We have had a lot of rainy weather in Georgia this season and it was great to have a dry place to hunt from.  In all the hard showers, the Doghouse has kept me and my gear dry. Even with brush on top, it still keeps the rain out. Another thing is that taking along a non hunter or young hunter is much more fun and easier in the blind. You can move around, talk and have lunch or snacks without the worry of the deer seeing you.  The one-person Outhouse model can even be used to cover the platform of a tripod stand.

Ameristep has several blinds to choose from for all kinds of hunting. The Doghouse is my favorite because it is large enough for two people, but what ever your needs, I am sure you will find a solution with Ameristep blinds.  They really work and you can take the ODHA's word on that.


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