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ODHA Pearls of Wisdom

Never sell a "minute of angle" rifle...

Nothing can make a grown man cry like a chronograph...

There are two types of scopes-- VXII's and VXIII's...

What kind of rifle is under that Leupold scope?

If you find something that really works, buy two, because they will
surely discontinue it..

Most old guns are not antiques or collector items-- They're just old guns..

You'll never know how well you can shoot until you get proper equipment..

No Honey, this gun is not new, I bought it last year, remember?..

Real shotguns have two barrels..

If God had intended man to shoot over and unders, he would have placed
his eyes one above the other instead of side by side..

Give me a Nosler Partition and a carbide bit and I can wreck anything!!..

Life is too short to dance with an ugly woman (or man).







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