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ODHA Perfect Woman


1. Honey, go ahead and buy that new gun you have been looking at, I'll give you the  money.

2. I just bought some new summer camo, want to play dear hunt?

3. Do you think the heels on these new shoes are high enough?

5. Go inside and get a cold one while I clean all those fish.

6. Can you see my thong well enough through my white short shorts?

7. Look at all the women you want, you know you  won't find an ass as fine as mine.

8. I bought some new lingerie for our anniversary. Hope you like black lace top stockings.

9. Honey, this skirt isn't too short is it?

11. If you ever get tired of my naturally blond hair, I'll die it black.

11. I just love wearing my cute little French maid outfit while I am cleaning house.

12. Underwear and pajamas are so constricting!

13. Hey, Babe, go ahead and go mud'n with the truck, I'll wash it when you get back.

14. Are you sure that 200 HP Merc is big enough for your new boat?

15. Pantyhose? What are pantyhose?

16. I love sex on days that end in "Y".

17. I bought you a new digital camera so you can make all the sexy photos of me you want.

18. You have to be the smartest man in the whole world!

19. I'm board, Let's go to Victoria Secret and buy something really kinky!

23. Let me get these work clothes off and I will fix you something to eat.

24. Look, Honey. I can still fit into my old school clothes.

25.  I can't believe you drove home on your lunch hour just for me.  You are the best husband a girl could have.

26. I love pickup trucks!

27. What do you want me to wear for Valentines Day, Honey?

29. Welcome home, Honey, here's your beer.









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