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Selling your Guns, Scopes & Reloading Equipment On-line is Easy

You may surprised at just how easy it is to buy or sell your guns, scopes, reloading equipment over the internet.  There are several places on-line that specialize in buying and selling equipment for shooters and hunters. Guns America is by far the best I have found and I have had so much good luck selling and buying there, I thought I had better let the ODHA visitors in on the great deals.

"What makes it so good?", you ask. Let me give you a few reasons

1. Thousands of items for sale & millions of people to sell to
2. Easy to use format and search capability
3. Easy to list a gun or any shooting related item for sale
4. Inexpensive to list your items for sale
5. A "What's new Today" section
6. Just a great place on-line for shooters
7. Availability to find new, old, and discontinued items

After discovering Guns America, I decided to look around and see what I did not need anymore and see if their was a market for my "junk". I had some extra gun cases that I didn't need or use. They were laying around collecting dust so I listed them on Guns America. I started getting responses the same day.  In less than a week I sold all my extra gun cases and had cash in my hands for things I really needed, like a scope for my new 22 rifle. 

Well what better place to shop than back on Guns America.  Back I went and there were hundreds of new and used scopes of all brands and types.  I put the scope I wanted into the search window, and came up with about a dozen of the model I was looking for. This is not a auction like Ebay. You see something listed and you can buy it. Each item has a description, many have a photo of the item for sale, and E-mail contact to the seller.

To contact the seller, you only have to put your name and E-mail address in the form, push the button and an automatic E-mail is sent to the seller notifying him that you want to buy the item or you have a question about it. You are then free to negotiate the price or get more information about the item for sale. Buyers pay nothing to shop.  Fees are paid by the seller and are very reasonable.  Guns are $10, other items are only 1%, so you can sell small items without paying ridiculous fees like you would advertising in a newspaper.  And, you only pay if the item sells.  Payment is on the honor system, sellers agree to pay and it seems to be working. Shooters and hunters are among the most honest people around, and thanks to that, we have a great service at our fingertips.

Are there risks and regulations involved? Yes there are, but no more than with any mail order service.  There is an understanding that the buyer gets three days to confirm the item is correct and meets the description. I have sold and bought a lot of items with the service and have never had one problem.  You need to E-mail or call the seller with any and all questions before you agree to buy the item, to make sure you are getting what you want.  Then payment is made buy credit card, check or money order, and the item is then shipped to the buyer.

Federal Firearms Regulations must be followed if there is a modern firearm purchased.  If you buy a gun, you must send a signed copy of a dealer's Federal Firearms license (FFL) to the seller.  The gun will be shipped to the dealer and you then have to fill out forms for a gun purchase at the dealer.  All gun sale rules apply. Some gun dealers will do it free, but most charge $10-20 for the service. You also have to meet state and local regulations.

If you are not a dealer, and you sell a personally owned firearm, you have to send the gun to a dealer.  Federal regulations allow an individual to send their firearm to a dealer, but make sure the dealer sends you a copy of his FFL for your records, before you ship the gun. Save yourself trouble and use UPS instead of the Post Office to ship the gun.  UPS will want to see a copy of the FFL to verify the gun is being shipped to a dealer.

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