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The ODHA is an organization dedicated to preserving wildlife, hunting, reloading, and recreational shooting. The ODHA site provides information on Firearms, Hunting, Handloading, and Safety for men and women who share our interest in the outdoors. We are trying to provide a place on the web where hunters and recreational shooters can get information that will help them to improve their game. Our hunting is usually done in Georgia, Arkansas, Missouri, and Colorado and we will try to share our trips with you in pictures and reports. We do not sell guns, ammo or explosives.

ODHA Reports evaluates guns, cartridges, scopes, binoculars, chronographs, and other gear. Hopefully these reports can help you make better decisions when you plunk down big bucks on expensive guns and gear, and prevent you making the same mistakes we have made over the years.


Traditions 50 Caliber Vortex Ultralight Muzzlaoding Rifle

Traditions 50 Caliber Vortex UltralightMuzzlaoding Rifle

Traditions 50 Caliber Vortex Ultralight Muzzlaoding Rifle Review


Steyr Zephyr II

Tikka T1x, Steyr Zephyr II, Mauser M18 - New for 2018

New Rifles, especially in 22LR caliber are going to be big hits this year.   The first two are are coming to the US from Germany and Finland.  There are other rifles in the news too for big game hunters and target shooters in center fire, most introduced at the 2018 Shot Show.  More New Guns Information

CZ-455 American 22LR

CZ-455 American 22LR -- “The Very Best Value in a 22LR Bolt Action Rifle”

The CZ-455 American 22LR is 99% of everything I want in a 22LR rifle.  My most important requirements are accuracy and great looks, and the the CZ-455 delivers both. 1 MOA from a $400 22LR rifle.  Read More


Ruger 77/357

Ruger 77/357

Powerful enough for medium game, very light weight and cheap to shoot are just a few of the reasons I think the Ruger 77/357 is a winner. More about the Ruger 77/357


Ruger 1022 Tune for Accuracy

Ruger 1022 Deluxe Sporter Tune for Accuracy

Does a Ruger 1022 really shoot so badly that the barrel, trigger, bolt and even the receiver has to replaced to give acceptable accuracy?  Maybe not! I decided to do my own test with a used Ruger 1022 Stainless Deluxe Sporter.  This particular rifle is supposed to be one of the “Walmart Specials” with a 22” barrel. Lets see what kind of accuracy we can get with a little DYI gunsmithing.. More about the Ruger 1022 tune for accuracy



Ruger 1022 Sporter Build

The Ruger 1022 rifle has unlimited numbers of stocks, barrels and other after market parts, so you can build just about any configuration you can dream up.  I had a 1968 carbine that was due for some upgrades so I started hitting all the websites with any information about 1022’s. There are literally thousands of companies who build and sell parts for the rifle...More about 1022 Sporter build


Ruger 1022 Custom Triggers & Gunsmithing

Ruger 1022 Custom Triggers & Gunsmithing

Ruger 1022 factory triggers work well but the trigger pull is HEAVY!  Heavy triggers lead to poor accuracy because no matter how accurate the barrel, a heavy operator interface makes it almost impossible to shoot well.  We have found several sources for custom triggers or trigger gunsmithing jobs that seem very reasonable.  More about 1022 custom triggers


Ruger PC9 9mm Carbine


Ruger PC9 9mm Carbine

The Ruger PC9 Pistol Caliber Carbine got me excited when I heard about because I love rifles in pistol calibers and I‘d heard Ruger had really done their homework on this one.  I called around to all the gun shops I knew and all I heard was that they were on order.  Then one day I walked into Academy Sports and there it was in all it glory sitting right on the shelf.  More about the Ruger PC9 Carbine


Federal Hunter Match 22LR ammo

Federal Hunter Match & Other New 22LR Ammo

So, let’s see if we can find new 22LR ammo for 2018.  One thing I found out in my research is that I can not find my favorite and most accurate ammo. Lapua /SK has stopped making 22LR High Velocity (HV) Match ammo.  My rifles loved that ammo and it shot much flatter than standard velocity  target ammo they now sell.  On the other hand, Federal has started making a Premium 22LR HV round that I am really looking forward to shooting.  So lets see what we can find - More New 22LR  Ammo



Marlin 1894 In .357 mag

Marlin Model 1894CS chambered for .357 Magnum

The Marlin Model 1894CS chambered for .357 Magnum (also uses 38 Spl) is a great little rifle and cartridge combination, especially if you already own a .357 Magnum or 38 Special revolver. It has an 18.5" barrel with deep-cut Ballard-type rifling, adjustable iron sights, sling swivel studs and a checkered American black walnut straight-grip stock.  More about Marlin 1894CS


Nostler BallisticTip bullet

The Importance of Ballistic Coefficient When Selecting Hunting Bullets

The importance of a bullet's exterior ballistic coefficient (BC)is sometimes overlooked when selecting a new ammo or bullets for reloading hunting ammunition.  The BC of a bullet has a significant impact on trajectory, energy, and wind drift, especially at extended ranges associated with big game or varmint hunting. More about hunting bullet ballistics



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